The vaccination for Your Puppy’s Behavior!

Puppy Kindergarten picPuppy Kindergarten at Pets and Vets as Partners is a 5-week class designed to help socialize puppies to other puppies, people and unique situations. Puppies have a pre-programmed “socialization period” between the ages of about 6 – 16 weeks of age. After this period, puppies can be fearful or aggressive in situations they have not encountered. The best way to prevent future behavior problems is to extensively socialize puppies during this critical period. Puppy Kindergarten,taught by Jill Evans at Pets and Vets as Partners, provides puppies socialization time with other puppies and with people; desensitization to unique situations, and introduction to basic “good manners” obedience.  Classes are designed to provide puppy owners with information needed to train their puppies; and, how to prevent common behavior problems.  Each class includes free puppy play time, review, desensitization, new instruction, and obedience practice.

Requirements: Each puppy is required to have been examined by a veterinarian, have had a stool sample checked or de-wormed, have had a first distemper/parvo combo vaccination and have been vaccinated for kennel cough. Puppies should be between 7 and 14 weeks of age when enrolling for the class.

Included: The enrollment fee includes five 75 minute sessions taught by Jill Evans, class notes, a clicker, and support from Jill whenever questions arise. Please call to reserve a place in the class: Jill Evans 743-3302.